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Resources Page (Solo en Inglés)
Energy Assistance Resources
  • Opens new browser window Indiana Energy Assistance - If you need assistance with your gas or electric bills, visit this site to find help in your county.
  • Opens new browser window Weatherization Assistance - If you need assistance with weatherizing a home you already own, visit this site to click on your county and find an agency in your area that can help.
  • Opens new browser window Indiana 211 Partnership - Residents around the state of Indiana can dial 2-1-1 to find help with a range of housing issues and other services, including energy assistance. Just dial 2-1-1, or visit the Indiana 211 Partnership web site to find an IN211 Center near you.
  • Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor - Information on reduced-cost telephone service, tips on how to save energy, and more. 1-888-441-2494
  • Opens new browser window Energy-Saving Tips - Click on this link for some easy energy saving ideas for your home.
  • Opens new browser window Hoosiers Care - Hoosiers Care is a statewide campaign designed to teach Hoosiers about simple daily actions that they can take to save money and the environment. Each simple step you take can help improve air and water quality; conserve water and energy; and, reduce waste. Each person's individual actions can add up to make a large, positive environmental change for Indiana's environment.
Buying a Home
  • Opens new browser window Down Payment Help and Low-Cost Mortgages - The State of Indiana offers down payment assistance and special low-cost mortgages for qualifying buyers. 1-800-872-0371
  • Home Ownership Opportunities Brochure - Download this handy brochure that explains several mortgage options offered through the state, as well as provides a handy checklist and things to consider before buying a home (need to link to PDF on our website)
  • Opens new browser window Find Homebuyer Education Near You - Before you sign on the dotted line, protect yourself and your investment by taking a homebuyer education course. This link from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will help you find quality homebuyer education. 1-800-569-4287
  • Opens new browser window Homebuying Resources - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a nine-step checklist for Hoosiers interested in buying a home. 1-800-569-4287
Foreclosure Prevention and Consumer Protection
Home Repair or Modification
  • Opens new browser window Owner-Occupied Repair from Indiana Community Action Agencies - Do you need help making repairs to your home or adding improvements such as wheelchair ramps? Click on your county to find help in your area. 1-800-382-9895.
  • Opens new browser window HUD Home Improvement Database - Interested in improving or repairing your home? Use this site to find lenders, available loans, and other grants to assist you in improving your home. (317) 226-6303.
  • Opens new browser window Home Improvement Scams - Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter has information on how to avoid getting "burned" by dishonest home improvement operators. 1-800-382-5516.
Housing Resources for Seniors
Housing Resources for Persons with Disabilities
Temporary and/or Emergency Shelters
  • Opens new browser window Indiana 211 Partnership - Residents in Indiana can dial 2-1-1 to find help with a range of housing issues and other services, including emergency shelters. Just dial 2-1-1, or visit the Indiana 211 Partnership web site to find an IN211 Center near you.
  • Opens new browser window Central Indiana Homeless Services - Search for the keyword "homeless" on this site to find a listing of homeless providers in Central Indiana. Or, call 211 or (317) 926-4357, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Opens new browser window List of Indiana Homeless Shelters - A list of homeless shelters by county
Domestic Violence Shelters
Shelters for Veterans
  • Opens new browser window Assistance for Homeless Veterans - A list of resources for homeless veterans looking for shelter. (317) 951-0688.
  • Opens new browser window Roudebush VA Medical Center - Serving Indiana veterans, the center provides temporary and permanent housing, assistance in obtaining benefits, and aid in finding employment. (317) 554-0278 or 1-800-827-1000.
Fair Housing: Know Your Rights
  • Opens new browser window Fair Housing Advocacy - If you need help in dealing with housing discrimination, visit this site to learn more about fair housing and how to file a complaint.
  • Opens new browser window Explanation of Fair Housing Laws and Rights - HUD's explanations of fair housing laws, which prevent discrimination on the basis of race, sex, ability, and age. (317) 226-6303.
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